Q – What are your hours?

A – Our business hours are typically Monday to Friday 9 – 5pm.

During our peak season, May – August only, we are open Saturday’s 9am – 12 noon. If you would like to drop off furniture at our shop during the week we strongly recommend that you call ahead first.

Q – How long have you been doing this?

A – The business was established in 1996. For 20 years we have been servicing the Greater Toronto Area, southern and central Ontario including residential, commercial and dealer services.

Q – What do you do in the winter?

A – Patio Chair Rx services are offered year round. Our peak season runs from April to August, but during the fall/winter months, we offer off-site storage, shrink wrapping along with repair and refinishing services.

Q – How long does the work take?

A – The time needed to complete a job varies depending on what’s required. Generally seating material replacement is 3-4 weeks depending on its complexity. Frame refinishing is 5-6 weeks. These times may be longer especially during the summer months. An approximate timeline will be confirmed when you place your work order, but is subject to change.

Q – Can you match my fabric?

A – Certain fabrics from some manufacturers may still be available. We will do our best to source your original fabric, but in most cases, you will have to choose a new fabric. See the fabric page of our website for selections.

Q – How do I clean my furniture?

A – There are various ways you can clean and care for your set. Pressure washing can be very effective, but be careful not to get too close with high pressure water. Otherwise a soap and water solution or water and bleach can be used to clean frames and fabrics. As well there are specific outdoor furniture cleaners available that do a good job. It is always important to check manufacturer’s directions when cleaning outdoor furniture.

Q – Do you offer a warranty/guarantee?

A – Yes. Warranties for workmanship and materials vary depending on what is done and in some cases will exceed original manufacturer’s warranties.

Seating material replacement (strap or fabric sling): 2 years *on stitching or installation

Frame refinishing: 5 years *we do not guarantee against rust on wrought iron or steel items

Umbrella repairs: 90 days

Welding: 5 years

Q – Do you pick up and deliver?

A – Yes! Pick up or delivery can be arranged if needed. Costs are dependent on location. Example: City of Toronto is $80 for pick-up OR delivery.